Suntrenz products


SuntubeTM Rigid98 Tubing is fabricated from Miro-Silver®, a premium
quality aluminium product manufactured by ALANOD in Germany.
Miro-Silver® delivers high efficiency luminance with a reflectivity of
98%. Meaning little light transmission loss while the light stays
completely white with no colour spectrum shift. It is extremely durable
and will not fade or lose reflectivity.


Flexi-Tube™ is a tubing system that can be used in certain applications
up to 3m in length. With up to 86% reflectivity, Flexi-Tube™ is a cost
effective alternative to Rigid98 Tube, providing adequate light when
applied to suited applications. Installation of a SuntubeTM with
Flexi-TubeTM is very easy as the flexibility allows the installation of
the roof parts and ceiling parts to be off center, so avoiding
obstructions in the attic space is simple.


Vent Extractor

The Vent Extractor allows you to install an extractor fan that can be controlled by the MARCS controller.


A single flap damper system allowing full control of the amount of daylight entering the room.

LED light

An LED lighting system can be installed inside the Suntube for night use.