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5 Benefits of Installing Roof Vents that go Beyond Ventilation

A roof vent or roof ventilation system is a crucial part of a healthy home. There are several reasons why ensuring your home is properly ventilated is extremely important; these systems effectively push condensation, contaminants, and cooking smells out of the house and vent them outside, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout kitchen and bathroom areas.  

When looking at the best ventilation solutions, Suntrenz has become a well known name amongst electricians and roofers. High-quality, custom made for NZ roofs and their low profile design, all contribute to their popularity. 

Suntrenz 150mm roof vent (thru-roof kits) provide an outlet point through the roof instead of the soffit. These have been designed for ease of installation and weather tightness, while also keeping aesthetics in mind.

This article delves into the benefits of installing roof vents, as well as some of the standout features that make Suntrenz the best in the market.

Suntrenz 150 Roof vent low profile on a roof

1. Easy Installation Preferred by Tradies

The easy installation and seamless fit of Suntrenz 150mm thru-roof vent is the primary reason why we’re a favourite for electricians and range hood installers. 

Specially designed to fit various NZ roof profiles, our flashings sit flush on all roof types, ascertaining no issues with fitting or water tightness. 

Standard roof ventilation kits assume “one-size-fits-all” and undoubtedly require adjustments or extra parts on installation. However, any NZ tradie will tell you that NZ homes boast a variety of different roof profiles. This is why we custom design our flashings to fit NZ homes. 

Suntrenz roof vents are made from quality materials that cater to all kinds of roofs. The unique design of the vents makes them suitable in various scenarios, including both tile and metal rooftops, residential and commercial facilities.

Moreover, the installation process is straightforward and requires no specialised equipment or skill set. This, combined with the versatile design, makes our roof exhaust vents the preferred outlet for electricians, range hood installers and tradies nationwide.

Suntrenz roof ventilation system is custom fitted to NZ roof profiles

2. Low Profile is More Aesthetically Pleasing

There’s more to roof exhaust vents than just the technical aspect of serving the home's cooling and heating needs and keeping the roof space moisture-free. They need to look good as well! Suntrenz venting systems, has kept this in mind with their design.

One of the most-loved features of our roof vents is their low-profile design that provides a discreet and unobtrusive way to vent out via the roof. The vents integrate seamlessly with the roofline, imparting a modern and sleek look to the house while maintaining optimal functionality. 

As a bonus, Suntrenz roof vent products are available in several easy-to-match colours that effortlessly blend in with the home's roof colour, making them look much more attractive than standard single or dual-coloured metal thru-roof vent kits. 

This aesthetic enhancement also increases a property's curb appeal. 

Standard Kit vs. Suntrenz Thru-Roof Vent

Standard Roof exhaust vent vs 150 Roof ventilation

3. Health Benefits of Vertical Ducting vs. Horizontal Ducting

A home produces a lot more moisture than you might think. Cooking, showering, laundry all produce damp, warm air inside the home. This moisture gravitates upwards to the ceiling, and if a vent system isn't in place, it eventually reaches the attic or roof space. 

Roof vents are equipped with a specialised pipe to tunnel this hot air from the ceiling fan towards the external vents.

Standard roof vents do this using a horizontal ducting system that runs into the soffit rather than the roof. However, this approach is not healthy for the home in the long run.

This is because, over time, the condensation starts to collect in the pipe, promoting the growth of mould and bacteria, which can ultimately back flow into the ceiling vent. 

In contrast to this, Suntrenz 150mm thru-roof vents make use of a vertical ducting system, which prevents the moisture from sitting inside the pipeline and producing harmful bacteria.

Another option that doesn't require ducting are Suntrenz Whirly Bird Vents (aka wind driven roof vents). Made to circulate the air within commercial buildings or residential attic spaces, their primary job is to remove heat from the attic (particularly valuable over the hot summer months)!

This product is available in 3 sizes and has a flat flashing that makes it easy for installers to fit depending on the roof profile.

So, if you are a home owner or roofer looking for a flawless vent system without compromising on your home’s health, Suntrenz has the right option for you. 

Suntrenz Wind Driven Roof Vents

roof exhaust vents for commercial roofs. Our whirlybird vents

4. Custom Designed for NZ Roof Profiles

There are various roofing profiles in NZ, From corrugated to trapezoidal, concrete, and tin tiles with so many various shapes... this is why it's not possible to have a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Suntrenz Skylights are NZ-owned and operated, and we know NZ roofs, which is why all our flashings are custom designed for NZ roof profiles.

We offer various roof flashings and profiles that electricians and roofers can choose from depending on their property and the desired kind of ventilation.

5. Customisable to Incorporate Sun Tubes

Our roof vent systems work in tandem with our vented sun tubes, with the ability to provide both ventilation and natural light in a single unit - the perfect bathroom ventilation option! 

Suntrenz’s sun tubes can be easily incorporated into the roofing ventilation system, utilising a single vent hole instead of two separate ones.

Our eco-friendly sun tubes are made from premium-grade, reliable materials that are backed by a ten year manufacturer warranty. These skylights can light up hallways, kitchens and bathrooms, creating a warm, welcoming, and natural environment. 

All things considered, Suntrenz two-in-one sun tube and thru-roof vent provide the ultimate solution to a home's ventilation and lighting needs!

Example of a Sun tube and 150mm thru-roof vent installed

Suntrenz skylight combined with 150 roof vent

Suntrenz Roof Ventilation 

In conclusion, investing in a high-quality roof vent or roof ventilation system is crucial for maintaining a home's health, reducing indoor temperature extremes, and lowering energy costs.

Choosing to go with a professional and renowned name like Suntrenz for your ventilation needs will not only save your hard earned money but also time and effort in the installation process.

Feel free to contact our friendly team for product information and pricing.


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