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What are Sun Tube Skylights

Suntrenz sun tubes are designed to provide an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to brighten up any space with natural daylight, reducing the need for artificial lighting and saving on energy bills.

Our sun tubes are made from premium materials that are built to last, ensuring durability and longevity. With our state-of-the-art design, our sun tubes capture sunlight from your roof and transport it through a highly reflective tube, bringing sunlight to even the darkest corners of your home or office.

Whether it's a gloomy hallway, a dim basement, or a poorly lit bathroom, Suntrenz sun tubes will flood your space with natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

How a solar tube skylight works. Sun tube matamata

How Does a Sun Tube Skylight Work

Sunlight enters the sun tube dome. The UV stabilized, high impact, acrylic dome has a very high light transmittance allowing more of light to enter into the tube.

Sunlight is reflected through the sun tube's mirror-like tube. The sunlight then reflects down a highly reflective mirror like tube, connecting the roof to the ceiling.

The high reflection of the tube means the performance is still very efficient, even during times when available sunlight is reduced such as early morning, late afternoon and during overcast conditions.

The sun tube diffuser then evenly disperses the sunlight into the building. The sunlight that has reflected down the tube then passes through two layers of textured acrylic, which have been specifically designed to spread the light evenly around the room. These diffusers also have a very high light transmittance allowing more of light to pass through them.

For more information on sun tubes and what you need to know, take a look at our handy article - 17 questions about sun tubes that you never thought to ask.

Suntrenz Sun Tube Skylights come with a 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty 

"We had a suntube fitted in our ‘dark, centre of house’ kitchen and what a transformation!

So light we think we have left light switched on!

The estimator, fitters and office girls who kept us up with the play are professional and friendly.

For a very reasonable charge our recently bought house has been transformed. How the previous owners could live in the dark for 18 years I’ll never know."

Barrie Hamilton

Sun Tube Skylights FAQs

How much extra light will a Suntrenz sun tube skylight give me? And are there different sizes available.

Based on years of experience, as a rough guide, using up to 3m long Rigid mirror Tube:

350mm diameter Suntrenz Suntube; is effective for approx 4m x 4m or 16m²

450m diameter Suntrenz Suntube; is effective for approx 5m x 5m or 25m²

550mm diameter Suntrenz Suntube; is effective for approx 6m x 6m or 36m² 

Certain factors like sunny or cloudy days will affect the overall performance and light output

Does heat come through a Suntrenz sun tube tubular skylight?

Minimal heat will enter through the Suntrenz sun tube, as the unit is double glazed at ceiling level. It also has the dome at roof level, reducing heat transmittance, and none of the tubing components hold heat. Therefore, there will be no additional heat load on the building. In fact, compared to electrical lighting, or traditional skylights, the temperatures are significantly lower.

Will my Suntrenz sun tube leak?

No. The Suntrenz sun tube is watertight and guaranteed against leaking. Your installer or dealer will guarantee the installation against any leaking. As part of the testing for Australian Standard AS4285 and Beal Appraisal (NZ), the Suntrenz sun tube was subjected to winds of 16 metres per second and water spray of 3 litres per second. Any water penetration is a failure. Suntrenz sun tube passed this and all other tests in AS4285 and Beal Appraisal (NZ)

What warranty will my Suntrenz sun tube skylight have?

The Suntrenz sun tube includes a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Will my furniture and carpet fade if I install a Suntrenz sun tube skylight?

The Plexiglass Dome and Acrylic Diffuser blocks out harmful sun rays and won't discolour carpet or furniture. 

Can I turn off or dim my Suntrenz sun tube skylight?

Yes. If you install the Vari-light (Dimmer), the Suntrenz sun tube can be opened & closed or varied to your requirements.

Is security an issue with the Suntrenz solartube?

Our experience has shown us that the Suntrenz sun tube is not used as a method of entering a secure building. There is a normally far easier and safer point of entry, with most crimes being opportunistic.
For those who are concerned, we can advise options to increase its security.

Our Sun Tubes Fit All Roof Profiles 

Suntrenz design proprietary sun tube roof flashings to match the various roof profiles across New Zealand.

From corrugated iron, trapezoidal, decramastic and concrete tile, to shingle tiles and more.

Suntrenz proprietary flashings fit easily and seamlessly to your roof without the need for additional flashings or sealants, to create a water tight environment.

Solar tube Mount Maunganui fit all roof profiles
Suntrenz Sun Tubes are designed to fit various roof profiles

Expert Skylight Installation Bay of Plenty

Installation of our sun tubes is quick and hassle-free, with minimal disruption to your home or office. Our experienced team of professionals ensure proper installation of sun tubes in various roof types.

It's important to have trained individuals who are knowledgeable about the specific requirements involved in roofs and sun tube installations. This will help ensure that the sun tubes are properly integrated into the roof structure, minimising the risk of leaks or other issues.

Our sun tubes also come with a 10 year warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are investing in a high-quality product.

In addition to the numerous benefits of natural sunlight, our sun tubes also offer health benefits. Exposure to natural light has been proven to improve mood, increase productivity, and enhance overall well-being. Say goodbye to dark and dreary spaces, and let our sun tubes brighten up your life!

Experience the beauty and functionality of natural sunlight with Suntrenz sun tubes!

Suntrenz Sun Tubes are Made in New Zealand for NZ Weather Conditions

Sun Tube Accessories

In addition to our standard sun tube skylight setup, we have additional accessory options available.  


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