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Suntrenz Roof Ventilation Systems

Suntrenz roof vent products radically improve air quality by constantly moving stale air

150mm Roof Vent (Thru-Roof Kit)

Kitchen & Bathroom Roof Vent Extraction Systems

Steam naturally wants to rise. By installing an outlet through the roof as opposed to the soffit, it allows steam to follow its natural path. This also eliminates condensation and mould build up in the flexi-tube, creating a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

Suntrenz profiled flashing systems have been designed to fit any NZ roof profile to ensure a seamless fit. As opposed to a standard thru-roof kit, our venting system are low profile and colour matched to the roof, making them more discreet and aesthetically pleasing. 

Our roof vent systems work in tandem with our vented sun tubes, providing a room with both natural light and ventilation in a single unit!

Suntrenz 150mm Thru-Roof Kit

  • 150mm Dual Blade Inline Fan

  • 1 x 150mm pre-wired inline fan unit

  • 405m3/hr / 112.5L/sec

  • Motor: 230-240Vac

  • 50Hz 0.4AMP

Suntrenz roof vents are the preferred roof outlets used by electricians, plumbers & range hood installers across NZ

Industrial Whirlybird Roof Vents

Commercial & Residential Ventilation Systems

Whirlybird wind driven ventilator systems, also known as wind vents and turbine vents, provide effective heat and moisture extraction from commercial warehouses, attics or roof spaces.

As the roof turbine spins with the slightest breeze, it creates a powerful suction that draws out hot air, reducing the temperature in the roof.

This prevents heat buildup, which can lead to increased energy costs and potential damage to the roof structure.

Our whirlybird roof vents are available in 3 sizes and come with a flat flashing that makes it easy for installers to fit depending on the roof profile.

Suntrenz Wind Driven Roof Vents

  • Vertical Vane Technology for greater performance at all wind speeds

  • Up to 3 times the exhaust capacity of round shaped ventilators

  • Light weight, high strength aluminium construction means no rust

  • Performance without any electricity

  • Year-round ventilation that will continuously spin even in the slightest breeze

  • High-quality bearings

  • Large exhaust openings on all sizes for better ventilation results

  • 15 Year Manufacturers Warranty

  • Available in 3 sizes: 300mm, 600mm and 900mm diameter

"Richard & Jordan were extremely professional to deal with - from start to finish. Their workmanship was faultless.

The service provided by all at Suntrenz Skylights was friendly and prompt...they went out of their way for us.

We would have no hesitation in recommending and using Suntrenz Skylights again. Great job...thanks guys!"

Dean & Ali Preston

Roof Vents FAQs

Why does my bathroom mirror keeps steaming up, yet I have the fan on?

The most likely reasons:

  • The fan does not have the power to move the steam from the shower.

  • The ducting is running along the ceiling space to the soffit, which can restrict the flow of steam from exiting the bathroom. 

  • The ducting could be bent or restricted in some way.

The venting should always run vertical and exit at the roof level.

I have a musty smell in laundry, would a Suntrenz roof ventilation system fix this? 

Yes definitely, especially if the laundry does not have adequate window ventilation. A mechanical vent terminating through the roof will definitely make a difference.

When I am cooking and have the rangehood operating on full speed, I can still smell the cooking smells inside. Will Suntrenz roof ventilation help?

Yes, Absolutely. The most common reason for this is that the Rangehood terminates through the soffit.
Adverse winds can bring those smells of cooking back into the house. 

To fix this the rangehood extractor needs terminate at the roof level to avoid this from occurring.

I have a horrible smell in my bathroom yet I've had a bathroom fan installed for some time now. What's wrong with my roof vent?

The most likely reason is the ducting is running horizontally along the ceiling and terminating at the soffit.  The steam could have condensated into water, and black mould has formed in the ducting and air is back-flowing into the room, from outside.

This needs to be fixed immediately as this is a very unhealthy environment to live in.

How Roof Ventilation Systems Works

Mechanical ventilation plays a crucial role in maintaining good indoor air quality by continuously exchanging stale, polluted air with fresh outdoor air.

Without proper ventilation, pollutants such as dust and allergens can accumulate, leading to respiratory issues, allergies, and other health problems.

Read more about the top 5 benefits of installing roof vents that go beyond ventilation.

Our unique ventilation system works particularly well in bathrooms in tandem with a sun tube. Our vent extractors meet the NZ healthy home standards and are being fitted in homes and rental properties across the country. 


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