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VELUX Roof Windows

Velux Skylights provide an abundance of natural light, brightening up any space and reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

This not only enhances aesthetics but also saves on energy costs and maximises the benefits of natural light in the home.

Benefits of VELUX Skylights

  • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays

  • Noise reduction factor of 32 decibels

  • Double layer of Low-E3 coating to increase thermal performance

  • 10 year warranty on insulated glass seal

  • Passed Hailstone Tests by withstanding cricket ball sized hailstones simulated at storm-like speeds

NEAT™ Photocatalytic Coating 

The Silicone Dioxide/Titanium Dioxide coating on VELUX skylights reacts with the sun’s UV rays to decompose surface organic dirt before rinsing away with the next shower of rain, thereby reducing cleaning frequency. 

In addition, the coating makes the glass surface smoother, so water disperses evenly, sheets off and evaporates quickly. This minimises water spotting on the pane.

Why Choose VELUX Skylight Windows?

Throughout the construction industry, VELUX is a by-word for quality. A reputation that has been painstakingly built up for more than 30 years in New Zealand, and over 75 years around the world.

Perfectly designed to withstand the world’s harshest climatic conditions, all VELUX products are of the highest quality and will perform superbly for a lifetime of faultless service.

Take a look through this page and the top 16 questions asked about VELUX skylights and judge for yourself. For range, quality, value, guarantees, delivery and service – VELUX is a world leader.

Backed by a 10 year Warranty.
VELUX skylights are Double Glazed, Argon gas filled with Low E coating & warm edge technology.

VELUX Skylight Roof Window Ideas & Inspiration


VELUX skylights omokoroa kitchen installation

Don't limit the use of skylights for lighting; make a unique architectural impact!

The design of your light-shaft can change task lighting into a master piece. Don't let the opportunity go to waste, design a light-shaft that highlights your unique skylight installation.


VELUX skylights mount maunganui bathroom installation

Ever wondered how you could fit more luxury features into your bathroom?

Consider removing your vertical window, and replacing it with a skylight. You'll have an extra wall to add a bath or that his & hers double vanity you always wanted.


VELUX skylights Bay of Plenty living room installation

Skylights placed in a large ceiling will bring added light, but they can also make the space appear bigger and more inviting.

VELUX skylights come in a variety of sizes to fit any application or room.


VELUX Skylights Papamoa hallway installation

Ever wondered how you could fit more luxury features into your bathroom?

Consider removing your vertical window, and replacing it with a skylight. You'll have an extra wall to add a bath or that his & hers double vanity you always wanted.

Our expert skylight team can recommend the best skylight solution for your unique space.
Request a FREE online measure and quote today

How Does a VELUX Skylight Work

VELUX Skylights are typically installed on the roof, positioned to face the sky. This placement enables them to harness sunlight directly from above, utilising the roof's slope and orientation to optimise daylight, maximising the amount of daylight that illuminates the room.

Our VELUX Skylights Fit Most Roof Profiles 

VELUX skylights and flashings systems are designed to fit seamlessly with various roof profiles, ensuring a perfect match for different types of roofs, including pitched roofs, flat roofs, and even unconventional roof shapes.

This versatility allows exisiting and new homeowners and builders to enjoy the benefits of VELUX skylights regardless of their roof design.

Existing Skylight Replacement

Skylight replacement is a big part of our business. If you have an old skylight that's leaking, contact our team for a quote so that we can get onto replacing your skylight before it causes serious damage. 

velux skylights hamilton. v lux installation and velux skylight replacement across the bay of plenty

VELUX Skylights are World Leaders in Quality & Design

"I cannot rate this company high enough!

Great communication, well informed service and good value.

We had four Velux windows replaced, they did the job in the time frame specified and were clean and tidy. Lovely people who knew what they were doing. Very Happy. Thank you Suntrenz!"

Paula Jones

VELUX Skylights FAQs

Do I need a Building Consent to Install a VELUX Skylight?

Exemptions Guidance for Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004
3.1. Windows and exterior doorways in existing dwellings and outbuildings

This exemption allows you to carry out any building work in connection with a window (including a roof window, whether it is fixed or opening) or an exterior doorway without needing a building consent where it is an existing dwelling or outbuilding.

Will I get heat loss through my VELUX skylight?

This is very minimal: As Velux Glass has:

  • Laminated, argon fill, double glazing with Low-E coating

  • R-value of 0.83*

Will my VELUX Skylight leak?

No. The Velux Flashing Systems are watertight and guaranteed against leaking. Your installer or dealer will guarantee the installation against any leaking. VELUX Roof Windows are tested and appraised to the appropriate New Zealand Standards.
NZS4223 NZS3604 NZS1170

What Warranty does a VELUX Skylight have?

The Velux Skylight includes a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on the Skylights and Windows
1 Year manufacturers warranty on the blinds, shuttlers, and other electrical components.

Will my furniture and carpet fade if I install a VELUX Roof Window?

Velux Skylights have been designed to reduce harmful UV Rays from entering the home.

Radiant heat block:
Complete window approx 70%
Glass only approx 70%

Harmful UV rays block approx 95% •
WERS rating 5 stars •
Low-E2 coating

Can I shutoff the VELUX Skylight

Yes. There are blinds specifically made for each size skylight available 

Is security an issue with VELUX Skylights

Our experience has shown us that a Velux Skylight is not used as a method of entering a secure building. The Glass is double glazed and toughened.
There is a normally far easier and safer point of entry, with most crimes being opportunistic.
For those who are concerned, we can advise options to increase its security.

The Importance of Using Certified VELUX Skylight Installers

Proper Installation is essential. Using qualified Velux installers ensures skylights are fitted correctly, following manufacturer guidelines and industry standards.

This guarantees a secure, watertight, and structurally sound installation, minimising the risk of leaks, damage, or performance issues in the future.


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