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Client Case Study - Finding the Best Skylight for a Hallway

How Suntrenz Skylights helped Susie Rayfield discover the best skylight solution for her new home

Susie fell in love with the serene beauty of Papamoa and bought her dream home right on the beach. The house boasted bright, airy, and expansive rooms, exuding an inviting ambiance. However, a challenge emerged – a lengthy, dim hallway bridging the two ends of the house.

Undeterred, Susie turned to Suntrenz for a solution. Our skylight installation expert showed up for a complimentary quote and consultation, suggesting a sun tube as the best option for transforming the dark hallway into a radiant space.

There’s a lot more to the story and you can hear all about it from Susie herself in the video below.

Susie’s story unfolds as a testament to how thoughtful design, coupled with innovative solutions like the best skylights, can overcome architectural challenges while elevating the home’s ambiance.

Suntrenz light tunnels made a huge difference for Susie and her dream family home – what could they do for your next project?

The Problem

When Susie first saw the house in Papamoa, she instantly knew it was destined to be their new family home. It was her dream home, with three bedrooms, kitchen, living and dining room, seemed perfect at first but it wasn't long before a niggly problem arose.

“We absolutely loved the location and loved the home. The one thing we didn’t love was the hallway that connected those two spaces (living and dining room and the bedrooms).”

Emphasising further, Susie explained that the hallway was pitch dark and needed lightning at all times - day and night. So after doing some research, she decided to reach out to Suntrenz to find a permanent solution to this issue.

The Best Skylight Solution

I suggested that installing a large skylight in that area in the form of a Suntrenz Sun Tube was the best remedy for the dimly lit hallway.

The installation process began soon afterward and Susie was left amazed with the final result; so much so that she went on to install three additional light tunnels in her house.

There's no need to turn the lights on during the day anymore. The sun tube provides diffused light to the hallway on sunny and overcast days.

"The best thing of course is that it has led a lot of light into that hallway. It really is like the outside coming in and we absolutely love it."

Speaking about her experience working with Suntrenz, Susie said, "His (Jordan) company and team are very professional, and his quality of work is excellent."

Facing a similar problem yourself? Contact our skylight experts at Suntrenz who offer FREE, custom designed natural light solutions that are tailored to your living space.


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