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17 Questions About Sun Tubes That You Never Thought to Ask

So, you’ve made the decision to bring beautiful natural light into your space with a Suntrenz sun tube –  great choice! But before you go ahead and have us install this exciting innovation, we're here to answer some questions that may have slipped your mind during that initial conversation with our sales team. 

Here are our most frequently asked questions around sun tubes, solar tunnels, and solar tube skylights that you may have forgotten to ask.

1. Do solar tubes work at night?

We’ll start with the most common inquiry – do solar tube skylights work their magic even when the sun takes a break? The short answer is no. 

Solar tubes depend on sunlight to illuminate your space. So, while they won’t be casting their glow at night, they’ll certainly make your daytime hours brighter!

However, we do offer the option to install an LED lighting system inside the sun tube if you do wish for it to work at night as well as the day. 

corrugated iron solar tube skylight installation hamilton

2. Will my carpet and furniture or fixtures fade if I get a Suntrenz sun tube?

Don't worry! Suntrenz sun tubes are specially designed with UV-blocking technology to protect your furniture and carpets from the damaging effects of prolonged sun exposure. 

The Plexiglass Dome and Acrylic Diffuser effectively block out harmful UV rays without discolouring your carpet or furniture. So you can enjoy natural light without any concerns of sun damage.

3. What is the difference between a sun tunnel, sun tube and solar tube? 

Let’s clear up any confusion – a sun tunnel, sun tube and solar tube are one and the same. Different names, same exceptional results!

Whether you call it a sun tunnel, sun tube, tubular skylight, or velux sun tunnel, you’ll be harnessing the natural light of the sun to brighten your space. 

4. How long do solar tubes last?

We understand that purchasing a sun tube is an investment, so it’s only natural to wonder about their lifespan. Rest easy, as Suntrenz sun tubes are built to last!

Suntrenz sun tubes are designed to withstand NZ's harsh UV rays. They also come with a 10-year warranty so that you can have peace of mind knowing that you're investing in a high-quality product.

With very little maintenance required,  you can expect a Suntrenz sun tube to brighten up your home for many years to come!

5. Do solar tubes let in heat?

While sun tubes are all about letting light in, they’re not in the business of heat transfer. 

These nifty inventions are focused on bringing daylight into your space without dragging the heat along. So you get the brilliance without the burn.

6. Can you turn off a solar tube? Can it be dimmed?

Imagine having the ability to control the intensity of the sunlight at your convenience...

By adding a Vari-light (Dimmer) to your sun tube installation, you'll have the ability to adjust your sun tube's opening, closure, or intensity at any time of the day or night.

sun tunnel install on roof. sun tube skylight installation tauranga

7. Does heat come through a sun tube tubular skylight?

A Suntrenz sun tube tubular skylight is designed to minimise heat transfer. 

With its double-glazed ceiling and roof-level dome, it effectively reduces the amount of heat entering the unit. Additionally, none of the tubing components retain heat, ensuring that there is no additional heat load on the building. 

Contrary to some common skylight myths, compared to electrical lighting, skylights and sun tubes maintain significantly lower temperatures. This is largely due to the incredible double glazing technology that is used these days. 

You can rest assured, knowing these sun tubes excel at delivering light without turning your room into a sauna! The heat remains outside while the light naturally illuminates your space.

8. What warranty does a Suntrenz sun tube have?

We stand behind the quality of our product, which is why Suntrenz sun tubes include a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

9. Do solar tubes cause roof leaks?

Due to our specialised skylight installation process, a solar tube won’t cause roof leaks.

Our expert solar tube installers and proven installation process, ensures your roof stays watertight and secure.

10. How much do sun tubes cost? 

Sun tubes are an investment that pays itself off quickly in terms of ambiance and energy savings. 

Prices vary based on the location, size of your sun tube and any additional features that you choose, but in general our sun tubes cost between $1650 and $2100.

11. Do sun tunnels need cleaning?

Due to the well-designed dome shape of a sun tube, the rain will do the majority of cleaning for you! This will naturally wash off any dust or dirt.

The only time you will really need to give a sun tube a clean is if your roof develops a build-up of moss or lichen. In this case, a gentle clean with warm soapy water should do the trick. 

12. Are sun tunnels cheaper than skylights? 

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, sun tunnels and sun tubes take the spotlight. They offer a budget-friendly way to flood your space with natural light. 

On the other hand, Velux skylights make a bold statement and can be used as a captivating architectural element. They do come with a higher price tag, ranging between $4,000 and $5,000.

For more information on the benefits of each, take a look at my article on The Functionality of Sun Tubes.

velux skylight wow factor vs velux sun tunnel

A VELUX Skylight makes a stunning design feature in a room

13. Where is the best place to put solar tubes?

The beauty of solar tubes lies in their versatility. You can place them in almost any room that craves more light. 

Hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are all popular choices. Our expert team can guide you to help you make the most of their illuminating potential.

14. Do you need planning permission for a sun tunnel in NZ?

Good news for Kiwi homeowners – installing a sun tunnel doesn’t require planning permission.

The great thing about going with a certified sun tube installer like Suntrenz is that we handle any paperwork for you!

15. How long does it take to install a sun tunnel?

The installation process for a sun tunnel is relatively swift, the whole process takes only a couple of hours. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your newfound natural light!

16. Can I install a solar tube myself?

While DIY projects can be satisfying, installing a solar tube requires specialised skills and knowledge. It’s best to leave solar tube installation to the experts to ensure proper function and avoid any leaks or mishaps.

17. Is security an issue with the Suntrenz sun tube?

We understand that security is of utmost importance to you. Rest assured, we prioritise the safety and integrity of your space when it comes to our Suntrenz sun tubes. 

Our extensive experience has shown that a sun tube is not commonly used as an entry point for unauthorised access into secure buildings. 

Typically, opportunistic criminals seek easier and safer points of entry. However, we fully empathise with any concerns you may have regarding security, and we can provide options to further enhance security measures for your peace of mind.

Final Words on Sun Tubes

And there you have it – seventeen enlightening questions about sun tube skylights answered! We hope these customer FAQs have left you feeling excited and well informed about your new purchase.

For more information and to explore our tubular skylight options, visit our sun tube page. You can also request a free measure and quote with our friendly team, where we can come to you and give you advice on the best skylight option for your unique space. 


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