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Shedding Light on Skylights: Debunking 5 Common Myths

Step into a world bathed in the warmth of natural light! With Suntrenz Sun Tubes and VELUX Skylights, we're bringing sunshine into living spaces and helping create a brighter and more cheerful atmosphere. 

Skylights are architectural components designed to bring in natural light, typically through the roof space.

Crafted from materials like plastic or glass, these translucent or transparent structures allow sunlight to brighten up interior spaces of a building such as a kitchen, dark hallway, bedroom, wardrobe etc.

Skylights, by enhancing room aesthetics, create a more spacious feel and positively impact mood and well-being, all while offering potential energy saving. It's easy to see why they have become a popular choice in modern architecture. Yet, numerous misconceptions are circulating about skylights. 

At Suntrenz we're installing skylights every day and have over 30-years industry experience, so trust me when I say we've seen and heard it all! 

Clearing up myths about skylights is critical for making well-informed decisions; ensuring clients understand the true benefits and considerations of installing skylights in their home.

So, to set the record straight on skylights, we've gathered a list of 5 common beliefs that need debunking. Let's dive in and find out!

velux skylights with ventilation in a kitchen and patio

Myth 1: Skylights Always Cause Energy Loss

The misconception that skylights always lead to energy loss may arise from outdated information or a lack of awareness about modern advancements in skylight technology. Older skylights were not as energy-efficient, contributing to this common belief.

Addressing concerns about potential heat gain or loss through skylights, and staying informed about the latest innovations can help dispel this misapprehension.

VELUX skylights and sun tunnels are your daytime lighting heroes, cutting down the need for artificial lights and giving your electricity bill a break.

Modern skylights like Suntrenz sun tubes come with energy-efficient features and 10-year warranty, making them a viable and sustainable option for bringing in natural light without compromising on energy efficiency.

Moreover, proper insulation around skylights helps regulate temperature, preventing heat loss during colder months and minimising heat gain in warmer weather.

A well-executed installation not only prevents issues like leaks but also optimises energy efficiency. A rise in your energy bills or an unexpected change in indoor temperatures may indicate poor skylight insulation.

VELUX skylights come with superior insulation with insulating gas fills, minimising both heat transfer and air leakage. Plus they offer a 10-year warranty on insulated glass seal in the rare case that a skylight repair is needed.  

velux skylight in bathroom. Benefits of velux double glazing technology

Myth 2: Skylights Are Prone to Leaks

Whether it's because of subpar materials or poor skylight installation, there's no denying that certain traditional low-quality skylights have led to major water damage before. These are the 4 signs that you may need a roof skylight replacement.

It's crucial to get skylight installation and insulation right. Neglecting leaks can pose significant threats to the structural integrity of the building, especially during the wetter winter months. We strongly encourage thorough research and recommend relying on professional skylight installers for the best results.

Hence, choosing a seasoned installer and skylight repair business like Suntrenz, backed by 30-years of collective industry expertise, guarantees a successful outcome with each installation.

Fortunately, reliable brands like VELUX offer "No Leak" skylights so you can rest easy knowing that leaky skylights are a thing of the past.

VELUX skylights boast three robust protective layers for top-notch weather resistance and leakage. With a 10-year installation warranty, smart features like solar-powered blinds, and automatic closure during rain, homeowners can trust in a leak-free skylight experience for life.

poor skylight installation can lead to a leaky skylight in need of a skylight repair

Myth 3: Skylights Fade Interior Furnishings and cause Glare and Overheating

In the past, homeowners sometimes found skylights to be a mixed blessing. The concern stemmed from the fact that while enjoying the natural sunlight, they also had to contend with furniture fading and overheating. 

Don’t worry! Suntrenz sun tubes and sun tunnels feature UV-blocking technology with Acrylic Diffuser, Plexiglass Dome, and optional retractable shades/blinds, safeguarding your furniture and interior from sun damage.

You can even choose to enhance the sun tube experience by including a Vari-light (Dimmer) in your installation. This feature allows you to easily adjust the opening, closing, and sun tube light intensity, giving full control over the natural light at any time, whether it's day or night.

Recent advancements in glazing technology provide improved protection against fading. Take VELUX skylights, for instance; they come with double glazing and employ advanced glazing technologies, along with low-emissivity coatings, ensuring exceptional energy efficiency.

Suntrenz sun tubes also minimise heat transfer with a roof-level dome and its double-glazed ceiling, preventing any additional heat load on your house.

It's also worth noting the difference in light between a sun tube and a skylight. A skylight is effectively a roof window whereas a sun tube is diffused light so the sky (and sun) cannot be seen.  

Myth 4: Skylights Are Only for Large Spaces

The belief that skylights are exclusively suited for large spaces is a misconception that warrants clarification. A skylight can be utilised regardless of the configuration of your place’s roof or ceilings. 

Thinking about adding a splash of sunshine to a cozy nook in your home? Got spaces like a hallway, loft, basement, smaller room, bathroom, or entrance area that could use a dose of natural light? Let's brighten up those small spaces! 

For smaller spaces, consider a sun tube. These are cost effective, rigid, cylindrical sun tunnels that bring brightness to smaller areas, instantly transforming them into more inviting spaces.

Sun tubes are widely employed in bathrooms, laundries, and hallways. They fill these compact spaces with natural light, fostering a brighter and more inviting ambience.

Sun tubes also provide excellent options when looking for skylights with ventilation. Pairing a skylight with our 150mm Roof Vent (Thru-Roof Kit) provides air circulation in wet areas like bathrooms or laundries.  

For more information about VELUX roof windows, take a look at my summary of the top 16 questions we're asked about VELUX skylights. 

before and after photos of a successful skylight installation in a bathroom

Myth 5: Skylights Are High-Maintenance and Prone to Damage

Skylights are often wrongly perceived as high-maintenance and susceptible to damage, but let's debunk that myth.

Skylight systems may accumulate leaves, dust, or debris, but the latest skylight designs have domed panels with protective seals and self-cleaning features. This minimises the need for regular upkeep.

Homeowners need not climb onto the roof for inspections as fully-sealed, durable, and impact-resistance glass without any moving parts, requires no regular skylight repair or maintenance. Plus, properly installed skylights are less prone to issues, and a skilled skylight installation can ensure longevity and reliability.

With a combination of technological advancements, maintenance-free options, 10-year warranty support, installation expertise, and real-life testimonials, we can confidently debunk the myth surrounding skylight maintenance and durability.

velux sun tunnel skylight installation on a roof

Final Words on Skylight Myths

There we have it, we've successfully debunked 5 of the most common skylight myths that we often hear.

Thanks to the advancements in skylight technology, skylights are not as troublesome as some may think. These include the misconception that skylights always cause energy loss, are only suitable for large spaces, require high maintenance, and are prone to damage.

We've clarified that modern skylights are designed for various configurations, feature advanced materials and self-cleaning options, and are not inherently high-maintenance. Furthermore, they can be used in smaller spaces with cost-effective solutions like sun tubes.

Arm yourself with accurate information to make an informed decision and let skylights effortlessly brighten up your home and office, boost energy efficiency, and craft a warm, welcoming vibe. 


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