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9 Benefits of Natural Light in Your Home

Nothing quite beats the feeling of sun on your face to warm the body and soul! Like a morning cup of coffee, sunlight can be an excellent way to wake up the body, freshen your mood, and prepare yourself to conquer the day. Capturing the sun with a well-placed skylight or sun tunnel in your home is one of the best ways to do this. 

Natural light is also great for the aesthetics and well-being of your home; adding to the space's charm and increasing the property's value. Hence, it's no surprise that modern architectural trends are leaning towards designs with more windows and open spaces.

In this article, I explore 9 benefits of natural light in the home and offer tips on how you can increase the amount of natural light in any existing space.

woman enjoying the benefits of natural light in home with a cup of coffee and standing in the sunshine

9 Benefits of Natural Light in the Home

1. Helps Ward Off Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression can happen as winter approachs and the days become shorter. But how does this happen?

There's a direct relation between sun exposure and a feeling of well-being. Sunlight causes our brain to produce serotonin – the "happy chemical" – that boosts mood and the ability to relax.

Increased access to natural light is proven to reduce stress and agitation levels and make us feel better all year round.

2. Improves Sleep

Sunlight plays a crucial role in our sleep cycle. It's closely tied to our circadian rhythm - the body's internal clock that signals when to be alert and when to rest.

Bright light in the morning can inhibit sleep and make you more alert during the day. Similarly, minimising screens and bright lights at night can make it easier to sleep.

Lady sitting on a bed enjoying the light from her light tube skylight

3. Increases Levels of Vitamin D

When exposed to sunlight, our body synthesises vitamin D, an essential nutrient that's been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, weight gain and prevent bone loss.

The appropriately named "sunshine vitamin" has mental benefits as well. Therefore, having your home set up to receive as much natural light as possible can help you get your daily dose of vitamin D without even thinking about it.

4. Aesthetics and Ambience

Natural lighting is a game-changer for enhancing any space's aesthetics and overall atmosphere. 

Light from a sun tunnel brings in bright, radiant rays that tend to make rooms appear larger and accentuate interior design elements such as paintings, chandeliers, or architectural decorum.

And let's not forget about the variability that light tunnels create. Changes in light throughout the day impact the home's ambience and set different moods.

installing a light tunnel increase the appeal of your home.

5. Increases the Value of Your Home

Having ample natural light is one of the easiest ways to increase your home's value.

When buyers view a home, a brilliant-looking, bright interior will impress a buyer over any dim space. This is why ample natural light is considered to be one of the best selling points of a home.

6. Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Natural illumination is not only beneficial for physical health but for the environment as well.

Light tunnels such as sun tubes bring sunlight into a room to provide a sun-washed, relaxing atmosphere to read and unwind. Natural daylight is a sustainable and energy-efficient alternative to artificial light.

This tactic also helps reduce electricity bills by reducing the need to switch lights on during the day or early in the afternoon, contributing to more significant cost savings and eco-friendly homes.

before and after a sun tube installation. Energy saving is a key benefit of natural light in home

7. Temperature Regulation

Skylights are a great way to regulate the temperature of an interior space. Since heat rises, VELUX skylights are an incredibly efficient way to ventilate a space quickly.

Although sun tubes are double-glazed and don’t create heat transfer, they do provide a constant source of light during daylight hours.

In a bedroom, installing one of our vari-dimmers gives you the option of closing or partially closing the sun tunnel. Particularly useful during daylight saving to help sleep or sleep-in!

8. Improved Productivity and Performance

Have you ever wondered why we feel sleepy at night and fresh during the day? This happens because of the melatonin hormone. Melatonin encourages sleep and is triggered in the absence of sunlight.

Light tunnels provide ample sunlight to a space, this, in turn, prevents the release of melatonin during the day, keeping us more productive during the daytime and reducing afternoon energy dips. 

Also, soaking up the sun during the lunch hour has been proven to increase focus and concentration levels in the afternoon, reducing the chance of that post-lunch dip!

a sun tunnel in the bedroom is one of the wonderful benefits of natural light in home

9. Natural Lighting is Better for Indoor Plants

From detoxifying the air to complimenting the indoor decor, house plants bring numerous benefits to a living space.

Natural lighting is essential to help these plants thrive in indoor settings and continue improving the overall aura of your house.

In the absence of natural light, it’s necessary to have to use grow lights for growing plants indoors, so again, this is another example of cost-saving.

How to get more Natural Light in your Home?

Having talked about the importance of natural light for improved physical and physiological well-being, here are some ideas to ensure adequate sunlight in your home:

1.    Interior Choices

It's always a good idea to use light shades for the walls and ceilings of the home. This is because lighter colours, including satin and semi-gloss paint, are better at reflecting light and making the room look brighter and taller.

Alternatively, decorating the house with mirrors, polished ceramic floors, and countertops also helps the light bounce from one point to another, giving the illusion of a well-lit and spacious interior.

2.    Skylights and Sun Tubes

The most reliable source of natural light is one that is placed strategically to capture the sun - a light tube skylight.

VELUX skylights and sun tubes are available to suit every space and budget.

Skylights create a fantastic wow piece for a living area, while sun tubes are more budget-friendly and light any dark space such as a hallway, bathroom or laundry.

Sun tubes have the bonus of being compatible with a roof vent, so they work incredibly well in kitchens and bathrooms. 

light, sheer curtains are an excellent way to brighten a space and benefit from natural light in the home

3.    Window Treatment

Ensure that windows are of moderate to large size and strategically placed to reflect high levels of light, with no furniture blocking its path.

Replace any dark, heavy curtains with lighter-coloured sheer curtains. This will instantly brighten a space and optimise lighting, while still maintaining the privacy and aesthetics of the home.

Final Words on the Benefits of Natural Light in the Home

In conclusion, the benefits of natural light in the home expand to health, environmental, and physiological aspects. Natural light acts as a mood and productivity booster and can reduce electricity bills by providing a more eco-friendly alternative to artificial lightning.

If you're ready to increase the amount of light in your home, have a chat with us. We can give you advice on the best Velux skylight or sun tube (light tunnels and sun tunnels) to transform any dark, depressing space into a light, relaxing spot you want to be in!


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