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New Online Store! Shop Our Roof Vents & Whirly Bird Vents

We're excited to announce that our popular roof vents are now available through our online store! Now, getting your hands on top-notch roof exhaust fans and whirlybird vents is just a few clicks away, and did I forget to mention we offer free shipping? 

We know that keeping your home comfy and healthy is a big deal, and that's why proper ventilation matters. With our roof vents, you can say goodbye to stuffy spaces and hello to fresh, clean air all year round.

Let's talk a little more about the benefits roof vents may bring to your home, along with how you can conveniently purchase them online.

suntrenz skylights online shop now selling roof cowls and whirly bird vents

The Importance of Proper Ventilation 

Maintaining a healthy household goes beyond regular cleaning. Adequate ventilation is essential for improving indoor air quality and promoting overall property health.

By controlling indoor temperature, our ventilation solutions prevent the entry of airborne pollutants, eliminate contaminants, and neutralise odours. Moreover, ventilation effectively manages moisture in uninsulated walls, safeguarding against mould, mildew formation, and structural damage. 

Having said that, let’s shine some light on what makes Suntrenz 150mm roof vents stand out in comparison to other products and how they will provide a ton of benefits and comfort to your home or workplace. 

The Latest Innovation - Suntrenz 150mm Roof Vents

Our 150mm roof vents are meticulously designed the highest standards, ensuring reliability and superior durability. Here's what makes us different from traditional roof cowls or thru-roof kits: 

  1. Vertical Ducting System: Unlike traditional thru-roof kits that use horizontal ducting, our vents make use of an advanced vertical ducting system, which prevents moisture from sitting inside the pipe. Not only does this prevent the build up of mould, but also maximises airflow and minimises heat buildup. 

  2. Moulded Flashings: Our flashings are custom-designed for NZ roof profiles which ensure a more watertight fit than traditional roof cowls. Tradies and property owners can choose from our range depending on the property and the desired level of ventilation. 

  3. Colour Options: Our products are available in several easy-to-match colours that effortlessly blend in with the colour of the roof, making them more discreet and aesthetically pleasing. This aesthetic enhancement also increases a property's curb appeal. 

Suntrenz 150mm roof vents are available in 7 different roof profiles to ensure a seamless fit

our roof exhaust fans are designed to fit any NZ roof profile

Easy Installation and Usage

Suntrenz roof vents are the preferred choice for range hood installers and electricians, thanks to our seamless fit and easy installation. 

Unlike standard ventilation kits that often require adjustments or additional parts, our flashings sit tight on all roof types, whether metal or tile. This versatility makes us suitable for various scenarios, including commercial and residential facilities.

Furthermore, the roof vent installation process is straightforward and doesn't require any specialised tools or expertise. This, combined with the adaptable design, makes our roof exhaust vents the go-to choice for tradies nationwide. 

Convenience of Online Shopping

With the launch of our new online store, you can now shop our whirlybird roof vents and 150mm thru-roof kits  from the convenience of your home. Plus they'll be delivered FREE direct to your doorstep!

suntrenz skylight online store now sells roof exhaust fans

Quality Assurance

With a passion for innovation and commitment to excellence, our roof vents meet the highest standards, guaranteeing optimum performance for years to come. Plus, we stand behind our products with confidence. That's why we offer a solid 15 year warranty on wind vents and 10 year warranty on our 150mm roof vents. So, you can trust that your investment is protected for the long haul.

Fully Customisable Options

We believe in offering fully customisable options to suit your needs. Choose from a variety of colours and roof profiles to ensure that your roof vent blends seamlessly in with your home's aesthetic, while delivering exceptional performance.


Our easy-to-navigate online platform allows homeowners to conveniently browse, select, and order products from their homes and have them shipped FREE anywhere in New Zealand. 

Pricing and Discounts

With our competitive pricing, you can rest assured knowing that you'll get the best value for your money. Bulk discount wholesale rates are also available. Contact us for more information regarding wholesale pricing. 

Afterpay Available

Enjoy the flexibility of paying for your purchases in manageable instalments with our Afterpay option, making shopping for roof vents even more accessible.

whirly bird roof vent on roof wind driven roof exhaust fans

Conclusion: Upgrade Your Roof Ventilation with Suntrenz 

If there’s one thing I can say from over 30yrs experience in the industry, it’s never compromise on quality - always invest in the best roof ventilation solutions for your home to ensure improved indoor air quality and comfort for yourself and your family. A poorly chosen or poorly fitted roof exhaust fan can result in costly leaks! 

Experience the difference between our premium whirlybird roof vents and 150mm thru-roof kits (roof cowls) by placing your order today. Enjoy our excellent customer service and speedy delivery times, all from the convenience of your home or workplace! 


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