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16 VELUX Skylights Questions you may have Forgotten to Ask

Oh, the excitement of deciding to install a VELUX skylight! The idea of welcoming the sunshine into your space and stargazing from the comfort of your own home is nothing short of exhilarating. However, in the midst of the thrill, you've come to the realisation that you may have forgotten to ask our sales consultant a few crucial questions. Before your VELUX skylight installation, have a read of our most commonly asked questions below to answer any further questions you might have about your new VELUX skylight.

velux roof windows installation in a kitchen

1. What is the difference between a skylight and a VELUX window?

A skylight is a general term for a roof window that brings natural light into a building.

VELUX, a specific brand, produces roof windows, including skylights, known for their quality and innovative features.

The versatility of VELUX skylights extends the benefits to homeowners and builders, effortlessly accommodating various roof designs and angles. 

2. Do VELUX skylights let heat in?

VELUX skylights are designed with advanced warm edge technology to minimise heat transfer. They feature Low-E coatings on double-glazed glass, filled with argon gas that further improves insulation.

This helps to reflect infrared heat while allowing visible light to pass through. The R-value of this glass stands impressively at 0.83 which contributes to a VELUX Skylights' ability to regulate heat.

3. Do I need Building Consent for a VELUX skylight installation?

The exemption under Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004, specifically in section 3.1, relates to windows and doors in already existing homes or other structures.

Essentially, if you're making changes to a window (including roof windows, whether they open or not) or an outside door in a building that already exists, you may not need building consent. This exemption streamlines the process for certain modifications in already established outbuildings and dwellings.

The good news is that if you choose Suntrenz Skylights for your VELUX skylight installation, we take care of all the paperwork for you!  

You don’t need a consent on existing dwellings so long as you don’t change the structural integrity. We have some great ideas to achieve an amazing feature leaving the structural components in place.

4. Will my VELUX Skylight leak?

VELUX flashing systems ensure a watertight seal and come with a leak-free guarantee.

As your VELUX installer we also provide an additional 10yr guarantee for any new VELUX skylight installation.

VELUX roof windows undergo thorough testing, meeting and surpassing the relevant New Zealand Standards, including NZS4223, NZS3604, and NZS1170. 

5. What Warranty does a VELUX Skylight have?

A VELUX skylight comes with a comprehensive warranty package, offering a 10-year manufacturer's warranty for skylights and windows, ensuring long-term durability and performance.

Additionally, there is a 3-year manufacturer's warranty covering shutters, VELUX blinds, and other electrical gear. 

velux skylight prices vary depending on product and spec. velux roof windows installed in a patio

6. Will my furniture and carpet fade if I install a VELUX roof Window?

Despite common skylight myths, VELUX roof windows are crafted to minimise the entry of harmful UV rays into homes, boasting a radiant heat block of around 70% for the complete window and glass alone.

With a WERS rating of 5 stars and equipped with Low-E2 coating, they effectively block approximately 95% of damaging UV rays!

7. Can I shut off the VELUX Skylight?

Yes, VELUX offer blinds tailored for every skylight size, ensuring a precise fit. The VELUX Solar Blackout Blinds provide optimal light blocking, making them ideal for bedrooms or any space where complete darkness is desired day or night.

Honeycomb Blackout Blinds offer a chic and contemporary solution, shielding against heat and glare while nearly blocking out light.

8. Is security an issue with VELUX Skylights?

Based on our experience, VELUX skylights are not typically utilised as points of entry for secure buildings, given their toughened glass and double-glazed construction. Security concerns often find more opportunistic and safer points of entry, making skylights an unlikely target.

However, for those with apprehensions, we can provide guidance on additional security options for peace of mind. 

9. How much is a VELUX skylight? What are typical VELUX skylight prices?

VELUX skylight prices typically range between $4,000-5,000 with the final price dependent on factors such as size, features, and installation considerations. Have a chat with our friendly team for a free no obligation quote or to find out more about specific models and features you’re interested in.

10. Can you put a VELUX window on any roof?

VELUX window and flashing systems are crafted for effortless integration with almost every roof profile, accommodating flat roofs, pitched roofs, and unconventional roof shapes seamlessly.

11. How many years do VELUX skylights last?

VELUX skylights boast a lifespan of 20-30 years, enduring typical wear and tear associated with rooftop exposure. To optimise their performance, proper VELUX skylight installation is important to ensure a lasting impact. 

Velux window installation in a bathroom featuring velux window blinds for privacy

12. Do VELUX windows close when raining?

VELUX electric roof windows feature automatic rain sensors for swift closure during inclement weather. Both VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights and VELUX Electric Fresh Air Skylights include integrated rain sensors.

The solar-powered skylights utilise piezoelectric rain sensors, responding to rain sound by generating voltage. Electric skylights have moisture-sensing rain sensors for automatic closure upon detecting moisture. The technology really is incredible!

13. How long does it take to install a VELUX skylight?

Despite potential disruptions (roof pitch, weather conditions) during installation, a VELUX skylight installation is a straightforward home improvement. It’s typically completed within 1-2 days, depending on factors such as interior light shaft depth and shape. 

14. What's the difference between a VELUX sun tunnel and a VELUX skylight?

VELUX Sun Tunnel skylights (aka Sun Tubes) utilise a pre-made light tube, ensuring cost-effectiveness and quick installation. In contrast, conventional VELUX skylights, available as fixed or venting windows, are roof-installed features. They not only offer increased illumination but also provide a view of the sky, visually enhancing the spaciousness of any room in your house.

There are many great benefits of increasing natural light into your home.

diffusion of light from a velux sun tunnel vs a velux window

The diffusion of light from a Suntube vs a VELUX skylight

15. Can anyone fit a Velux window?

Installing a roof window involves simple steps, from choosing the ideal location to sealing the surrounding hole with plaster. Opting for a professional, particularly a VELUX Certified Installer like Suntrenz Skylights ensures a proper and expertly executed installation process.

We’d be happy to talk you through the skylight installation process or schedule a complimentary consultation with our team of experts.

16. Why would a VELUX window leak?

Poor installation is often attributed to inexperienced roofers who are not properly certified and struggle with fitting VELUX windows. They may also be using the wrong window for the roof pitch or the wrong type of flashing system for that roof profile.

It's crucial I emphasise the importance of relying on certified professionals, such as Suntrenz Skylights, for VELUX skylight installations. 

Our qualified experts ensure the proper handling of high-quality designs of VELUX windows, ensuring a reliable and resilient installation, and reducing the likelihood of future issues like skylight repairs, leakage, and performance concerns.

So, by this point I'm sure you're feeling a lot more clued up on VELUX windows and VELUX skylight installation. I hope this guide has provided useful insight for you in deciding whether to go for a VELUX window or Sun Tube skylight. If you have any questions or would like us to come out and do a free measure and quote, feel free to get in touch. 


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