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Are Skylights Effective in Winter?

Winter is coming – with the temperature dropping and daylight hours dwindling, it’s easy to succumb to the gloominess that the season accompanies. But don’t worry! With a great lighting system, you can keep the shadows at bay and enjoy the warmth of natural light flooding into your homes, even during these colder months.

Not all lighting solutions and sun tubes are made equal, though. Skylights for homes are at the forefront of the daylight revolution, credited to their innovative engineering, advanced technology, and quality materials. These high-performing, affordable, and cost-effective solar windows will ensure that your days are bright and cheerful all year round.

Let's take a closer look at how sun tube skylight installation can help elevate your winter experience.

quality skylight installation on a roof shows no chance of leaks or need for skylight repairs

6 Benefits of Skylight Installation Over Winter

1. Health Benefits

Exposing yourself to more natural sunlight has numerous health benefits. During winter, when daylight hours are shorter and people spend more time indoors, they may experience a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), commonly known as the “ winter blues”. This can lead to mood swings, low energy levels, and even depression in some individuals.

By the same token, decreased exposure to daylight can adversely affect your circadian rhythm, resulting in disrupted sleep-wake cycles and potential difficulties in falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night, which can affect overall well-being.

Installing a skylight is a fantastic way to bring in the sunlight you might miss during these colder months. It can help you fight SAD, lift your spirits, and keep you feeling motivated and upbeat all year round. Who knew a little extra sunlight could do so much good?

lady sitting in a window looking sad with the winter blues

2. Energy Efficiency

When you’re thinking about installing a Velux skylight, you might wonder if it’s worth the investment. It’s a common question whenever you’re adding something new to your home – will it give you enough benefits to justify the cost?

The great thing about a skylight is that it’s not just a beautiful addition; it also pays you back in savings. Besides reducing the need for artificial lighting and saving on electricity, a skylight can also help lower your energy bills, especially during winter when heating costs can go up considerably.

With a skylight, you’re letting the sun do some of the heating work for you, naturally warming up your home and gradually reducing your energy expenses.

It’s a common myth that skylights always cause energy loss, in reality, they can significantly contribute to energy savings. Suddenly, your home becomes cheaper to run and even more energy-efficient! It’s a win-win situation.

3. Better Ventilation

One of the biggest hassles in winter is the condensation buildup on your windows and how hard it is to naturally dry things out during this season. Luckily enough, skylight installation offers just the right solution for both of these problems.

Roof windows can help improve ventilation inside your home without bringing in the harsh cold breeze. You have the option of choosing between either a manually opening skylight or one with solar-powered options which automatically detects moisture and closes as soon as it starts to rain.

Our sun tubes have the convenient option to add a 150mm roof vent with a skylight installation - perfect for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Providing both light and ventilation gives you the best of both worlds!

two skylight installations on a roof. One window open and one closed

4. Insulation and Thermal Regulation

Apart from reducing your electricity bills, skylights are also beneficial for thermal regulation inside your spaces during extreme weather conditions.

These economical sun panels are designed with insulation properties like insulated frames and specialised coating that can help prevent heat loss during the chilly season. Skylights may also feature low-emissivity glazing that effectively regulates the temperature inside and keeps your home warm, cosy, and undisturbed regardless of how cold it is outside.

5. Creates the Illusion of More Space

Winters can feel long and suffocating especially when you're trapped in enclosed spaces with your curtains drawn for most part of the day. In such cases, skylights can not only help brighten up your living spaces but make them appear spacious as well.

When installed in hallways, skylights look sophisticated and can open up the area whereas for living rooms, they create the illusion of a much expanded, spacious zone. Skylights can therefore help your surroundings appear lighter and comfortable instead of the usual feeling of the walls pressing in on you during the colder months.

skylights for homes showing how skylight installation can make a room light and bright

6. Maximises Light In Dark Corners

Another major advantage of installing sun tubes is their ability to brighten up spaces that are otherwise quite dark during winter. To do this, our professionals at Suntrenz position a skylight so it draws light from the north-facing side of the roof. They then direct this light towards those gloomy areas you tend to avoid in the colder months. 

This is the difference between a company quoting over the phone vs doing an in home measure and quote. By seeing the property, our skylight experts can immediately see what will and won’t work in your roof structure, as well as identify how to bring in the most amount of light. 

In our 30 years of experience working with happy customers, we know this is the only way to ensure the best skylight solution for your space and ensure happy owners for years to come.

Final thoughts on skylights for homes over winter

With winter days being shorter, I'd go so far as to say that installing skylights for homes in winter is even more important than the rest of year. In addition to the light benefits, there's greater energy efficiency, health benefits and creating the illusion of more space - these are just some of the benefits of installing a skylight over winter. 

At Suntrenz, we believe there’s no “cookie cutter” approach when it comes to skylight installation. For this reason, we send in our experts to ensure that your vision for a new skylight will truly provide optimal light and fit perfectly in your chosen space!

If you’d like us to come and give you a free in-home assessment we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with our team today.

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