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Efficiently Brighten Dark Spaces: The Functionality of Sun Tubes

Figuring out how to brighten up dark spaces can be a challenge when moving into a new home. This is a common issue nowadays, especially if the home isn’t facing north or is void of windows. That's where sun tubes (aka sun tunnels or solar tubes) come in.Natural light dramatically impacts our well-being and productivity – think of how much more pleasant and calm it is sitting in a sun-drenched lounge versus a waiting room lit by unflattering fluorescents.These highly functional, sun capturing...

November 20, 2023

9 Benefits of Natural Light in Your Home

Nothing quite beats the feeling of sun on your face to warm the body and soul! Like a morning cup of coffee, sunlight can be an excellent way to wake up the body, freshen your mood, and prepare yourself to conquer the day. Capturing the sun with a well-placed skylight or sun tunnel in your home is one of the best ways to do this. Natural light is also great for the aesthetics and well-being of your home; adding to the space's charm and increasing the property's value. Hence, it's no surpris...

October 16, 2023

5 Benefits of Installing Roof Vents that go Beyond Ventilation

A roof vent or roof ventilation system is a crucial part of a healthy home. There are several reasons why ensuring your home is properly ventilated is extremely important; these systems effectively push condensation, contaminants, and cooking smells out of the house and vent them outside, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout kitchen and bathroom areas.  When looking at the best ventilation solutions, Suntrenz has become a well known name amongst electricians and roofers. High-qua...

September 23, 2023

17 Questions About Sun Tubes That You Never Thought to Ask

So, you’ve made the decision to bring beautiful natural light into your space with a Suntrenz sun tube –  great choice! But before you go ahead and have us install this exciting innovation, we're here to answer some questions that may have slipped your mind during that initial conversation with our sales team. Here are our most frequently asked questions around sun tubes, solar tunnels, and solar tube skylights that you may have forgotten to ask....

August 17, 2023

4 Signs You May Need a Roof Skylight Replacement

Are you tired of dealing with issues such as leaks, drafts, and poor energy efficiency caused by your current skylight? It may be time for a roof skylight replacement to transform your home into a healthier, brighter, more functional space. Skylights are incredible at enhancing natural light and ventilation; however, over time, low-quality or poorly installed skylights may deteriorate, compromising their performance. So a skylight repair or skylight replacement may be in order.Newer skyligh...

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